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All you need to know about: C70600 flange

C70600 flange

The c70600 flange, i.e., the Copper Nickel 90/10 flanges, are made up of excellent chemical composition. This chemical composition comprises elements such as copper and nickel and other elements such as iron and manganese. These elements are present in their chemical composition and show excessive duration. Also, these c70600 flanges are reliable because of their nature.

Another advantage of these c70600 flanges is that they have the ability to be resistant to corrosion. Along with being resistant to corrosion, they also have the characteristic of weldability. Managing these c70600 flanges is also an effortless task, and these c70600 flanges also have fabricability properties. Another advantage of these c70600 flanges includes that they require less maintenance.


The c70600 flanges are manufactured with premium quality elements; therefore, the c70600 flanges produced are of excellent quality. The client's requirements and specifications are also kept into account while producing these c70600 flanges.

These c70600 flanges have various mechanical properties as well. These properties help these c70600 flanges to maintain cryogenic temperatures. These c70600 flanges are therefore utilized in a large number of applications. These applications include marine applications. Even in marine applications, these c70600 flanges exhibit the properties such as toughness and ductility.

cu-ni-90-10 flanges

Other applications where these c70600 flanges are used include Evaporators, Pressure Vessels, etc. c70600 flanges also have both cold and hot working abilities. These c70600 flanges could be available in a range of thickness shapes along with different sizes, which could be done according to the customers' needs.

These c70600 flanges could also be available depending upon the application's needs and requirements. These c70600 flanges have to undergo numerous testing procedures to ensure that their quality is right. To do so at every stage of checking, they are enhanced and improved to meet the correct specification. At the last step, the c70600 flanges are produced to be of a quality that fulfills the demands of the costumes and applications.


The testing that these c70600 flanges have to undergo includes tests such as hardness tests, chemical tests, mechanical tests, and so on. The addition of iron in the chemical composition of these c70600 flanges improves their resistance ability towards erosion-corrosion, more specifically in flowing seawater along with other aggressive waters.

The industrial standards, guidelines, and policies are considered while processing these c70600 flanges so that the flanges that are produced perform well. These c70600 flanges can also be customized very easily. Since the quality of materials used in the production is excellent, they are of excellent quality. Even copper nickel 90/10 bolts are very much in demand when it comes the strength of a fastener compared to flange


Aligned with the materials being of premium quality, they are also manufactured with the latest technology to offer performance that satisfies the customers' demands. Since these c70600 flanges have these many attributes and properties, they are utilized in many applications and are in massive demand.

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