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Types of Flange Faces

Types of Flange faces

There are many types of flange faces available in markets of various kinds. These flanges are commonly made from high-quality raw materials to increase their durability. The grade also has high strength and ductility. These flange faces are widely applicable in various industries. These faced flanges are available in multiple types such as the raised face, raised face height, flat front, ring-type joint, ring type joint gaskets, male and female, tongue and groove.

Raised Face:

The raised face flange is the most common type of flange used in industries for process plant applications. These flanges can be easily identified because of their face, and it is also known as raised face because of their raised cap face. The raised face type is primarily used in low temperature and high pressure, and the main reason for using these flanges is to transfer more pressure to the small area.

Raised Face Flanges

Flat Face:

The flat face has a gasket almost similar to raised face flanges, and it just doesn't have a raised portion. The flat face flanges are always in contact with the surface, and these flanges are commonly used for avoiding bending moments. Flat face flanges are typically made for non-metallic applications.

Flat Face Flanges

Flat face flanges are highly durable and can be used for multiple purposes. These flanges are made from high-quality raw material, which is less applicable to an exhausting application. Flat flanges are commonly used for low-pressure piping.

Ring Type Joint:

Ring type joint flanges are generally used for high pressure-temperature. These ring type joints are usually manufactured using high-quality material and elements, providing extreme ductility and durability. These ring type joints are used for various purposes, and they can easily withstand temperature service applications above 800°F. These ring type joints are generally bolted, and they have grooves cut onto their faces.

Ring Type Joint

The ring-type joint flanges sometimes have raised face flanges machined inside them, and these flanges get entirely sealed once they are bolted.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets:

These kinds of flanges are mainly manufactured for industrial applications. It provides extreme durability and strength. Ring type joint gaskets are commonly used for high-pressure applications.

These Ring Type Joint Gaskets are available in 3 types.

  • Type R oval
  • Type BX
  • Type RX
  • The application of these flanges ultimately depends upon the industry, temperature and pressure. These ring-type joints are made from high-quality raw material, providing superior results. The gasket is used between two flanges to avoid leakage. These gaskets are commonly used in oil and gas industries, petrochemical industries, etc. These gaskets are available in metallic as well as for non-metallic forms.

    Ring Type Joint Gaskets

    Type R oval:

    Most ordinary RTJ gasket types are available in oval or cross-sections and are generally machined for a tight and steady grip.

    Type RX:

    Type RX is recommended for pressuring up to 700 bars. RTJ is the vitalized version of type R. It has excellent strength and can take extreme pressure.

    Type BX:

    BX is another type of RTJ recommended for high temperature and pressure applications. Ring-type joints are made using soft iron, monel, aluminium, duplex steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, stainless steel, copper, titanium, nickel alloys, etc.


    Tongue and groove flanges are very similar to each other, and the only difference between these two flanges is its face. Tongue and groove flange act as a waterbody, and the tongue is generally the one with a raised ring. These flanges are generally used for tight connections. These flanges are generally made by using high-quality raw materials and excellent machinery.


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